Belle Meade Modern

Belle Meade, Nashville/TN

This home was entirely renovated to replace out-dated interiors with a modern London sensitivity and to create spaces tailored to the clients' interests in gardening, making music and raising their family.

Chief among the many transformations throughout the house are a modern kitchen, sharing a new conservatory addition, that opens out to the surrounding garden, a studio tucked into a new downstairs, and a reconfigured entry that conveys a splendid chic. In the kitchen and new conservatory, the dark toned cabinets and terrazzo floor have a natural texture that lends richness to an airy, open plan filled with new floor to ceiling steel windows. Going ten feet down in solid limestone, the only hint of a new studio is the custom railing leading down the stairs. The formal entry gained a sculptured stairway leading up to a new bedroom and new glass and steel doors to echo the new windows at the kitchen. Monochromatic plaster and paintwork brighten and unify all the rooms and allow pops of color, objects, and patterns to be more striking in this creative home.

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