Projects Underway

  • Modern Residence for a Couple

    Modern Residence for a Couple

    A modern home designed for a couple who wish to enjoy a private woodland property.

  • Belmont Blvd Renovation

    Belmont Blvd Renovation

    While the home has a curbside appeal, the entire house is getting a renovation in keeping with the Craftsman style exterior. In addition to remodeling the entire interior, a covered patio, a pool with a pool house and a finished basement will be added this completely remodeled home.

  • New Master Bedroom Suite

    New Master Bedroom Suite

    Converting a first floor study and large sitting room into a master bedroom suite with fireplace, timber framing, spa, wardrobe suite, and private garden. Architectural details marry elegance with rustic materials to effect a tranquil retreat.

Projects Underway